Hi all,

I'm plotting the histogram of a data set:

x = datalist
bins= 100
hist(x,bins,normed=0)    #returns a tupple (n,bins,patches)

Rather trivial... but instead of the plotting the counts n, I'd like to plot the realtive percentage counts, i.e. n/len(x). I can't really use the option normed = 1 which plots n/(len(x)*dbins). I guess the simplest way would be to simply change the yticklabels (by dividing them by len(x)). The thing is that I simply cannot find out how to do this...

I tried using the axes.set_yticklabels() but doesn't work. I've also tried to find the child containing the label but couldn't find it (not in Axes, nor in YAxis etc...). I guess it must be a Text instance.

Can anyone give me a hint,



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