Hi, I'm trying to create a plot, with subplots where each row of x plots have a common colorbar beneath it. Only the the top row will have titles. I've tried creating a function to do this but I only achieve partial success. Here is an image created in another program that I want to duplicate: I made several functions to do this. Here's one of them: def Plot(self,title,plist): for k in np.sort(self.vdic.keys()): plt.subplot(5,13,self.window) cs = plt.contourf(22,22,np.squeeze(self.vdic[k]),plist['levels'], cmap=cm.get_cmap('jet',len(plist['levels'])-1)) plt.axis('off') if title: plt.title(k,fontsize=tsize) window += 1 cbar = plt.colorbar(cax=plist['cax'],orientation='h') I've given up in getting the text on the left because every attempt using text fails. Now if this is a horrible way and you have a better idea, please feel free to share. I'm new at matplotlib and this is a great way to see how things can be done better and in different ways.

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