Text picking does not seem to work for me anymore since I upgraded from 0.91.4 to 0.98.1.  


These lines should set up the picker.  They come straight from “pick_event_demo.py”


    ax1.set_title('click on points, rectangles or text', picker=True)

    ax1.set_ylabel('ylabel', picker=True, bbox=dict(facecolor='red'))


    fig.canvas.mpl_connect('pick_event', onpick1)


    def onpick1(event):

        if isinstance(event.artist, Line2D):

            thisline = event.artist

            xdata = thisline.get_xdata()

            ydata = thisline.get_ydata()

            ind = event.ind

            print 'onpick1 line:', zip(npy.take(xdata, ind), npy.take(ydata, ind))

        elif isinstance(event.artist, Rectangle):

            patch = event.artist

            print 'onpick1 patch:', patch.get_path()

        elif isinstance(event.artist, Text):

            text = event.artist

            print 'onpick1 text:', text.get_text()



I apologize if this is a known issue. I tried searching the listserve, but did not find anything.