This is a bug report.

I am using matplotlib 0.99.1 on Windows.  When using contour with the keyword
argument locator=ticker.FixedLocator(levels), the plot is always dropping the first
and last contour level.  If there are less than 3 levels, throws an

My workaround is to duplicate the first and last levels when using the fixed locator: 
e.g. my argument becomes

     locator=FixedLocator( [levels[0]] + levels + [levels[-1]] )

I have traced the problem to the last line in, method _autolev() which
strips the first and last levels if the contours are not filled:

      return lev[1:-1]

This line occurs at line 682 in my version of which came with the 0.991 installation.

I realize that I could specify the levels in the argument V and this does work.  However
this code is embedded in GUI-ness which allows the user to choose how the contours
are selected.  Passing the locator seems to be the best option code-wise.

Thank you,

Dave Smith