Its great news that the 3D is receiving more polish :)

After reading on wikipedia, wouldn't it be nicier to have Phong reflection[1] instead of Gouraud?

Maybe it would be too hard, as the Gouraud seems to be implemented directly in Agg (from what others just said...)

Anyway, just a suggestion ;)


2009/8/26 Eric Firing <>
Reinier Heeres wrote:
> Hi JJ,
> Thanks for the examples! I indeed suspected the anti-aliasing as well.
> I'll include an option for linecolors = facecolors soon (probably this
> weekend); it seems to be a good solution.

No, not in general.  There are two problems: it distorts the sizes and
positions of the patches, very slightly, but enough that it might be a
problem in some applications; and it does not work with alpha != 1.


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