Note: same problem applied for sharex...

2006/11/24, David TREMOUILLES <>:
Well... deleting the first is not a solution for me
My app use pan/zoom tool for manual adjustment of the plot.
if I put the line you proposed at the end of my code, the x upper labels are not
dynamically updated anymore and could be that one end bellow the "scaling factor" "x1e4" of the y labels...

Change the formatter of the yaxis to OldScalarFormatter do the trick but I would prefer to use the default formatter.
Would it be possible to move the "x1e4" to the left to avoid the overlapping?

By the way I've just discover kind of bug: the scaling factor of the x top axis is displayed on the x bottom axis (???) (see bottom right of the new example).
I join a new example reproducing both problems.

2006/11/24, Pierre GM <>:

> How could I avoid this overlapping?

What about deleting your first tick  on ax2, with
>>> ax2.set_xticks(ax2.get_xticks()[1:])
at the end of your code ?