Version 1.5.1 released

Changes in 1.5.1 (10 March 2013)

  • Fix bug writing compressed HDF5 files
  • Fix bug reading cell array elements written with a non-empty variable name
  • Fix bug writing complex sparse matrices as struct fields or cell elements to uncompressed v5 MAT files
  • Fix a number of potential issues identified via static analysis
  • Fix uninitialized pointers when creating structures through Mat_VarCreateStruct, and fix a bug in the struct API testsuite
  • Fix extended sparse support in v7.3 MAT files and add 64-bit integer support for v5 MAT files
  • Add missing support for reading hyperslabs from HDF5 MAT files
  • Added variable indexing notation support to matdump to display subsets of variables
  • Added tests for extended sparse support in testsuite
  • Add missing enumerations or default case in switch statements
Posted by cch 2013-03-10

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