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v 0.2.0

Big internal change: switched to GNU Multiple Precision library. This allows greater numeric range and precision in all calculations.

Posted by Tomislav Adamic 2011-04-11


Not many new features but many small improvements and some bugfixes. Some operators changed symbols that represents them, some functions replaced by operators... Summary follows, and details are, as always, in README.

* Replaced functions nand(x,y), nor(x,y), xnor(x,y) with operators: x nand y, x nor y, x xnor y. Created operator precedence table in Readme.
* Replaced symbol '×' for bitwise XOR operator with '~'
* Replaced symbol '~' for bitwise not operator with '!'
+ Added percent "operator". Expressions like "3.3%", "25%i", etc. are now possible.
* Large code maintenance, refactoring and cleanup...
* Replaced functions and(x,y), or(x,y), xor(x,y), shr(x,y), shl(x,y) with
operators: x and y, x or y, x xor y, x shr y, x shl y.
* Fixed: Launchy crash when plugin was disabled and then enabled again.

Posted by Tomislav Adamic 2010-09-03


+ Added bitwise operators: AND, OR, XOR, bit shift left and right
+ Adeed bit shift functions: shr(x,y) and shl(x,y)
+ Added option to show leading zeroes in hex and binary output.

Posted by Tomislav Adamic 2010-06-13


+ Implemented bitwise functions: AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR
+ Added calculation bit width option.

Posted by Tomislav Adamic 2010-06-11

New version v0.1.4 is out.

Another bugfix release. This time it was discovered that binary input was not properly converted. This resulted with erroneous calculations.

Posted by Tomislav Adamic 2010-06-10

New version v0.1.3 is out.

This is a bugfix release. It is advised to download ASAP because in some cases MathyResurrected could crash Launchy. Sorry for that.

Posted by Tomislav Adamic 2010-06-10

Version v0.1.2 is out

Added support for more number bases (binary, hex and octal). Changed used icon.

Posted by Tomislav Adamic 2010-06-08

Version v0.1.1 is out

Many new features, check Release.txt for details.

Posted by Tomislav Adamic 2010-06-05

New version: 0.1.0

New version is out (v0.1.0) Now it's possible to copy results to clipboard by pressing Enter key.

Posted by Tomislav Adamic 2010-04-25