Version 1.3 coming up!

I'm still improving this game, and in 1.3, we have even more features!

This includes:
- Logging Now, if the game crashes, or if you want to share something that you did while playing the game, you can access a file called log.txt. On Windows, you can get to this file by searching for %appdata%, then going into that folder, then finding the folder mathquizgame. For a Mac, go to /Users/[your username]/Library/Application Support/mathquizgame/. On other platforms, it's in your user directory, called .mathquizgame.
- More UI Functionality You can now resize the window, making it as big as you want. This feature is useful for computers with really high or really low resolution.
- /setsize added The size of the font will be modifiable with this command.
- /clearfile added With the addition of Logging, you might also want to clear the contents of the file. This will do just that.
- /debug added During anywhere in the game, if you see a problem, you can type /debug and you will get info based on the program. This command will output some technologically advanced stuff, so if you know the code, this will help, but if you don't know the code, you might not understand what it's talking about.

I hope to release this next Sunday, September 1, 2013.

Posted by Jasper 2013-08-26

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