Version 1.2 coming up!

I know that I just released this game, but I have already made a new version, and it will be released soon. Version 1.2 includes:

  • Difficulty levels: There are three difficulty levels you can use. The easiest is Elementary, and the hardest is High School. The harder your difficulty levels go, the larger the range of numbers you have to add are.

  • Default font changed and /setfont command added: The default font was Andale Mono, which was a built in font for the Mac, but it wasn't installed on Windows, so I changed the default font to Courier, which is installed on all computers, hopefully. And if you don't like the default font, you can type /setfont to change it. Made sure the font you type in is exactly the same, because it's case sensitive and space sensitive.

  • /help added: If you need a list of commands, just type /help or /?.

  • Bug fixes: Of course, like almost every software update, multiple known issues have been solved, but if you find a bug, please report it.

The update will be released by August 11, 2013. I will make a new blog post as soon as the update comes out, notifying all of you.

Posted by Jasper 2013-07-31

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