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Version 1.5 is out!

I have updated the game again, with some new great features.

  • Timer Before you start the game, you have an option of using a timer. Just type /timer, then the number of seconds for the timer to begin, and then the timer will start as soon as you select a difficulty level. This is supposed to mimic the speed drills that elementary kids do in school.
  • Colors It is now easy to change the background color of the text boxes. Just type /setcolor and you'll be shown a color palette where you can choose a color.
  • History You can now quickly enter previously entered commands by hitting the up arrow button. This is supposed to mimic command lines.... read more
Posted by Jasper 2014-02-04

Version 1.4 is out!

I've released another update, but this one isn't as big on the end user side. I've made much changes to the code so I could implement the custom difficulty and I fixed some bugs, which no one is telling me about and I have to find them out myself.

Here's what's new:
Custom Difficulty Level added: Now you can set the range of numbers you will be asked, the operation to use, and the number of questions you will be asked.
Commands able to be used before choosing difficulty level.
More technical stuff changed behind the scenes so now the /debug command is showing completely different things.
The log.txt wasn't being created on any Windows computers because of a file path error. This is now fixed... read more

Posted by Jasper 2013-11-07

Version 1.3 is out!

Alright, I updated the files. Again, if you find any bugs that you think should not be here, or if you have any ideas for features, PLEASE tell me, here on the Forums section or as a ticket.

Thank you.

Posted by Jasper 2013-09-01

Version 1.3 coming up!

I'm still improving this game, and in 1.3, we have even more features!

This includes:
- Logging Now, if the game crashes, or if you want to share something that you did while playing the game, you can access a file called log.txt. On Windows, you can get to this file by searching for %appdata%, then going into that folder, then finding the folder mathquizgame. For a Mac, go to /Users/[your username]/Library/Application Support/mathquizgame/. On other platforms, it's in your user directory, called .mathquizgame.
- More UI Functionality You can now resize the window, making it as big as you want. This feature is useful for computers with really high or really low resolution.
- /setsize added The size of the font will be modifiable with this command.
- /clearfile added With the addition of Logging, you might also want to clear the contents of the file. This will do just that.
- /debug added During anywhere in the game, if you see a problem, you can type /debug and you will get info based on the program. This command will output some technologically advanced stuff, so if you know the code, this will help, but if you don't know the code, you might not understand what it's talking about.... read more

Posted by Jasper 2013-08-26

Version 1.2 is out!

Version 1.2 is out, just look through the Files and download if you're on a Windows or Linux, and download if you're on a Mac.

The update includes all the mentioned features, plus the ability to place the app on your dock or Launchpad on a Mac.

Posted by Jasper 2013-08-11

Version 1.2 coming up!

I know that I just released this game, but I have already made a new version, and it will be released soon. Version 1.2 includes:

  • Difficulty levels: There are three difficulty levels you can use. The easiest is Elementary, and the hardest is High School. The harder your difficulty levels go, the larger the range of numbers you have to add are.

  • Default font changed and /setfont command added: The default font was Andale Mono, which was a built in font for the Mac, but it wasn't installed on Windows, so I changed the default font to Courier, which is installed on all computers, hopefully. And if you don't like the default font, you can type /setfont to change it. Made sure the font you type in is exactly the same, because it's case sensitive and space sensitive.... read more

Posted by Jasper 2013-07-31

Changed Repository

I have found Subversion too complicated for me so I removed the repository and all the source code is available at Now I am able to send the revisions in the way that I like and not have to figure out how to use something new. There will be a link to this in the summary page too.

Posted by Jasper 2013-07-14

Starting the Project!

Hey guys! This is the main Developer, Jasper. Thank you for downloading or at least viewing this SourceForge page. I've been working on the project for some time now, but I never got around to release it. Finally I have gotten to a point where I could release it, and call it an official release called MathQuizGame 1.1.

If you have a problem, please start a new ticket, and I will try to help, or start a topic on the discussion forum. Or if you customized the code and want to share it with me and anyone else, post it on the discussion forum as well.... read more

Posted by Jasper 2013-07-10