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Help wanted ! Looking for a new start

MathBench started as a tool to help perform some calculations and experimentations in python with very similar goals as IPython's notebook.

Due to lack of time I can't maintain nor develop it anymore but I'm willing to let somebody else take over the project.

I think MathBench is still a good playground for engineering and science students looking for a simple way to interact with one of their homegrown libraries (MathBench's plugin system was designed for that).... read more

Posted by Thibauld Nion 2012-11-02

A free bench...

Though in a working state, MathBench did not evolve for quite some time, due to lack of time from its original developper.

If you think this project is interesting and want to push it forward -- even in a different direction -- feel free to contact me (via the tracker of via the "help request" at, I'll be happy to help you take over the project.

Posted by Thibauld Nion 2010-09-26

MathBench is released !

After undegoing quite a lot of work since the beta version, MathBench is finally ready for a release.

It proved to work on three platforms (Linux/MacOSX/Window), and now it's eager to prove how usefull it is :)

Posted by Thibauld Nion 2008-04-09

Yet another beta out there.

Mathbench 1.0 has just been released !

At it has only been tested on MacOSX (Tiger and Leopard) it is now part of the huge "beta software" family. So if you think that mathbench might be helpful to you please download and test it.

Feedback will be much apreciated !

Posted by Thibauld Nion 2007-11-10

Move !

Yapsy has just moved to its own project place (though still on sourceforge) here is the adress:

This changes is motivated by the fact that yapsy is already much more stable (and usefull) than mathbench !

Posted by Thibauld Nion 2007-10-23

Yapsy's first update :)

With this update, Yapsy gets a new class of PluginManager that handles plugin's versionning. This is quite usefull for users having several versions of the same plugins and want either the latest one to be loaded automatically or to chose a specific version.

This release is also mostly due to the contribution of a new user, who is much welcomed :)

Posted by Thibauld Nion 2007-09-21

Yapsy's first release

The very first release of Yapsy (a generic python plugin system developped as part of the mathbench project) has been unleashed. This release features the basic implementation of a PluginManager as well as some basic extensions, namely a plugin manager that can store information in a ConfigParser compatible file, and singleton versions of these two classes.

Depending on potential suggestions, new extensions to the base PluginManager may be added in futur versions of Yapsy !

Posted by Thibauld Nion 2007-08-26

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