#925 ATLAS 3.11.17 configure error on HP-UX

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Thank you for developing atlas and spending your time on this request.
I had used lapack routines to solve equations for hydraulic networks. I’d like to replace the blas in lapack package with the faster atlas, but the configure step did not work well.
I installed gcc 4.2.3 on my HP-UX B 11.11 machine and wanted to use ‘f90’ to compile fortran codes (actually I only need the fortran library). I know atlas could rebuild lapack for me but for the first step I’d like to build the blas only, so I just input
../configure –C if f90
and the output information is attached.
I did not find the error file and could not create it. I am really inexperienced in unix and building stuff and hope I did not make too many mistakes.

best wishes

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  • R. Clint Whaley

    R. Clint Whaley - 2013-11-19
  • R. Clint Whaley

    R. Clint Whaley - 2013-11-19

    It appears to be dying because it cannot find gcc. Is gcc installed, and if so, does it work, and is it in your path?


    • yangyn

      yangyn - 2013-11-20


      Thank you for the quick reply.
      I think gcc is installed and works. From the attachment you can see the first error ocurred in probe_comp.c (attachement ln# 56), which was compiled by gcc (attachement ln# 48).


  • R. Clint Whaley

    R. Clint Whaley - 2014-07-09

    I'm assuming this was fixed by newest compiler handling in developer. Reopen if not.

  • R. Clint Whaley

    R. Clint Whaley - 2014-07-09
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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