#190 Problem in 3.6.0 install



I have "old" ATLAS 3.2.1 up and build in Octave(s). It
has been very helpfull. Thank you for that!
Even in my field, theoretical physics, pencil and paper is
not allways enough.
I have problems in installing ATLAS 3.6.0 on my laptop in
Cygwin environment. My operating system is Windows
Me. All the relevant Cygwin tools are the latest versions
awailable. For example all compilers are gcc 3.3.1. My
program building tools are all Cygwin-tools.

Problem description:
I tried both with and without developer supplied settings
in configure-stage. Same install error appears in both
cases. Configuring works fine in both ways.
L1 cache is detected 16 KB which I corrected to 32
before installing. Install error appears in CacheEdge
detection. Executable xdfindCE does not work.
Running it by hand gives error: assertion t1 > 0.0 failed
in findCE.c row 233.
Look in INSTALL_LOG/dMMSEARCH.LOG rows 868-888.
As a result header atlas_cacheedge.h is an empty file.
I am adding stackdump file produced by xdfindCE.exe to
the end of this note. I tried to fix the error but failed. I
could not find the real underlying reason for this error.

System description:
System type: X86-based PC

CPU: Intel Celeron 800
- 0.18-micron Coppermine128 core
- 800MHz clock speed - 8.0x clock multiplier
- 32KB on-die L1 cache running at core speed
- 256-bit Advanced Transfer Cache - 4-way set
associative 128KB on-die L2 cache running at core
speed. (Half disabled Pentium 3)
- Advanced System Buffering
- 370-pin FC-PGA Socket-370 GTL+ CPU interface
running at 66MHz
- 100 MHz FrontSideBus
- 1.70v core voltage

- 120 MB RAM
- 2.144 GT Virtual Memory
- 10 GB Harddrive (more than enough free space)

Bios version: ACRE PIII 850V3.3
OS: Windows Me

Any help you can give is highly preciated!

Markku Oksanen


eax=83A9E008 ebx=83A9E008 ecx=83A9E000
edx=610D148C esi=83A9E008 edi=00000640
ebp=0078FBF8 esp=0078FBE0
cs=016F ds=0177 es=0177 fs=5627 gs=0000 ss=0177
Stack trace:
Frame Function Args
0078FBF8 61093AA8 (00464BAA, 00000000, 00000000,
0078FC28 6103EB65 (83A9E008, 00000640, 00000640,
67 [main] xdfindCE 1520501 handle_exceptions: Error
while dumping state (probably corrupted stack)


  • R. Clint Whaley

    R. Clint Whaley - 2004-01-17

    Logged In: YES

    OK, first off, I'm pretty sure that 16K is the correct L1
    size for a PIII, so changing it to 32K is not a good idea.
    Remember, we want only the size of the data cache, not the

    Now, the xdfindCE error appears to be that it ran out of
    memory to solve the problem. By hand, try:
    ./xdfindCE -m 920 -k 920 -n 920
    If that fails, try:
    ./xdfindCE -m 600 -k 920 -n 600

    Let me know the results of this, and I can probably suggest
    a fix that gets you through this prob. I thought I had made
    xdfindCE more robust for out-of-memory, but it looks like I
    didn't :-{


  • Markku Oksanen

    Markku Oksanen - 2004-01-18

    Logged In: YES

    I changed L1 size back to 16.
    I run xdfindCE as you adwiced.
    Results are in attached file.


  • Markku Oksanen

    Markku Oksanen - 2004-01-18

    Data by xdfindCE

  • R. Clint Whaley

    R. Clint Whaley - 2004-01-22
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • R. Clint Whaley

    R. Clint Whaley - 2004-01-22

    Logged In: YES


    OK, after config but before install, create the file
    This file should have these exact 4 lines:
    #define CacheEdge 98304

    Also, you will need to apply a new errata for Windows:

    After you've done this, come back here and close this report
    if things are golden, and let me know if they are not.


  • R. Clint Whaley

    R. Clint Whaley - 2004-01-22
    • assigned_to: nobody --> rwhaley
  • Markku Oksanen

    Markku Oksanen - 2004-01-23
    • status: open-accepted --> closed-accepted

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