Build ATLAS built with gcc 3.x and Cygwin?

  • Brian Borchers

    Brian Borchers - 2003-07-17

    The FAQ claims that ATLAS won't build with gcc 3.x and
    recommend using 2.95.3.  The only specific version of 3.x that I can find mention of having problems is 3.1.  Is it still true that ATLAS won't build with gcc 3.2 and Cygwin?

    Life would be vastly easier if I could download precompiled binaries for windows.  Do these exist anywhere?

    • Nick

      Nick - 2008-04-07


      I successfully built Atlas 3.8.1 using Cygwin and GCC 3.4.4.  I used this configure command:

      ../ATLAS/configure -v 2 -b 32 -D c -DPentiumCPS=3900

      Hope that helps.


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