Compiling with MSVC++

  • Pablo Sánchez

    Pablo Sánchez - 2004-01-21

    I've just installed ATLAS in my computer to get a optmized version of BLAS. My doubt is the following: I need develop my project using Microsoft Visual C++, can I link my project with BLAS generated using Cygwin without any problem ?
    Thanks, Pablo.

    • Frans Lundberg

      Frans Lundberg - 2004-06-29

      I would also know the answer to this question.

    • salevin

      salevin - 2005-04-07

      The FAQ notes that pthread.h is not available under CL version 6.  I have just confirmed it is also not available under CL 7.

      However, I suggest you obtain the GNU pthreads implementation that does compile and run in a native Windows environment and add the relevant include directory to your Windows PATH environment variable.  I have been running a large pthread-based application against that GNU library for several years now, albeit not an LAPACK-based app.

    • dgoldsmith

      dgoldsmith - 2005-09-20

      Same question; salevin's answer meaningless to me: what's pthread.h and what's its relevance to the question?  Ditto CL?  Thanks.

      PS: is there a better place to post these questions - this forum appears to get very little traffic.


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