Scott Collis - 2011-07-31

I know that the best approach to using Atlas with Lapack is to merge the Atlas *.o from liblapack.a with an f77 lapack, I have for some time now, but been linking to atlas/liblapack.a itself.  So, the issue is that there is a name clash between this library and the "standard" liblapack.a in /usr/lib (or other default location).  So, what I have been doing is renaming the Atlas version to libatlas_lapack.a.  This works fine but means that I have to hack the Atlas install on every system that I wish to use it on.  Perhaps someone could suggest a better way that I haven't thought of, but it seems to me that atlas really should consider installing its lapack and blas libraries with different names, such as libatlas_lapack.a and libatlas_cblas.a so that one can clearly distinguish between system default versions and Atlas versions.  (Of course, I might just be doing things in a dumb way, so any suggestions are appreciated)