• Sam Halliday

    Sam Halliday - 2013-08-22

    Hi all,

    I'm the author of https://github.com/fommil/netlib-java/ and I'm currently doing a major rewrite in order to simplify the use of native (as opposed to Java) implementations of netlib.

    One of my goals in to have binaries that link against the system's pre-installed ATLAS libs: https://github.com/fommil/netlib-java/issues/28

    In order to achieve this goal, I'd really appreciate it if you could answer the following questions:

    1. Which API are you implementing? Ideally I'd like to use CBLAS and LAPACKE... but I can also do the raw fortran (underscore) methods if you can provide me with a C header for that. I would rather avoid touching CLAPACK.

    2. Do the main distributions (Windows, Ubuntu, OS X macports) have shared libraries that I can dynamically link against, or must I build static libraries? (The latter might just kill this idea altogether)

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards, Sam

    Last edit: Sam Halliday 2013-08-22
  • Sam Halliday

    Sam Halliday - 2013-08-22

    Sorry, LAPACKE ... not ARPACKE


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