Chenapan - 2010-03-22


The installation of the newest beta version (3.9.23) works on a Core2Duo System under Cygwin. (The stable version 3.8.3 did not work).

1) I wanted to install Atlas on a Core i5 system too.
But the "configure" step shows errors when trying to determine the architecture.
The confiruration scrips execute nevertheless to the end.
The "make build" step seems to work, nevertheless I guess that computing times are measured, instead of using a architecture default.
How can I install ATLAS best for my Core i5?

2) I also wanted to compile for Windows x64 (with -b 64), but the configuration step does not work.
I guess the reason is GCC does not accept the "-m64" option under cygwin.
Do you know a way to install ATLAS for Windows x64?