R. Clint Whaley - 2011-07-01


I have some basic support for building ATLAS using the 64-bit MinGW compilers in 3.8.44.  If any of you have a chance to look at the 64 bit install, maybe you can understand what is going on. For 64 bits, I got it so ATLAS can build most of the library, but the executables that link to it fail to do anything (no output, no error message). If you put in flush(stderr) statements in the executables, then you get multiple copies of one-time messages, like the main routine is being invoked multiple times, with it dying each time it calls ATLAS. My suspicion is that the problems are all library/dll related, where I'm getting 32-bit system libs dynamically linked to my 64-bit executable.  It's possible I accidentally have some 32 bit objects somewhere in the lib, which might also cause problems . . .

Let me know if you figure something out. You can read the (64-bit) install instructions I've created so far in
To get around earlier problems, I did my Fortran links with "-static". I suspect this shouldn't be necessary if you the libs are setup right, and it might be necessary to remove this option from the generated Make.inc once you figure out how to get the right libs automatically.

Anyway, I have to go work on other stuff for a while, but I thought others that are more experienced than me using MinGW might be able work with what I started here.