Getting basic cygwin install on Windows 7

  • R. Clint Whaley

    R. Clint Whaley - 2009-10-30

    OK, I have gotten working windows machines, and installed Windows 7.
    This is the first step to improving ATLAS windows support.  I have opened up this thread so I can ask dumb windows questions to people familiar with this horrible OS until I can get at least the simplist ATLAS install working.

    My first action with my shiny new Win7 was to spend 2.5 hours attempting to delete a directory, w/o success.  I finally renamed the directory and left it on the disk.

    I have another problem that I wonder if others have seen.  When I attempt to build ATLAS, it dies with "xatlas_install : permission denied".
    I go into that directory, and run it by hand, and get the same message.

    However, if I rename the xatlas\_install to xtst, then it runs!  What new bizarro rule am I breaking by using the name xatlas\_install?

    I notice that if compile hello world to the name xatlas\_install, it also fails to run with a permission denied error.

    Any ideas?


  • marco atzeri

    marco atzeri - 2009-11-03


    sorry but I am still on XP, so I have no first hand experience.

    I presume you hit the joy for UAC

    that it was already a pain for all cygwin people with Vista and
    looks almost the same on W7.



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