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  • Dubai

    Dubai - 2009-05-09

    Hej, i generated some nice Plots with the help of matcont but i would like to do the finally plotting with gnuplot. Is there a way i can easily export the Data of the Matlab-Plots?

    In the 2D PLot i can select edit / view / plot browser & property editor. When i select a graph and click on  "more properties" i get the matlab inspector that shows me the  x / y data but i cant see how to export these in a file? I also cant simply select the data and copy & paste it since one is only able to select one field at a time (at the inspector).


  • Jomu

    Jomu - 2012-07-09

    Hi spilius,

    I know the way to export that data, are you still interested?

    • Daniel Kremer

      Daniel Kremer - 2013-02-06

      Hey Jomu,

      I would love to know how to export my data as well. I need to do a final coordinate transform on my results and would love the way to get exact points.



    • Jude Kong

      Jude Kong - 2015-07-07

      Hi Jomu,I am new to matcont and really need help. I want to plot the stable regions of my bifurcation diagram using solid lines and the unstable regions using dash lines. Also, I will like the lines to be thicker than the ones matcont generally produces. I was wondering if you could help me out. If not, could you let me know how to extract the data and plot it myself using matlab.

  • hilmeijer

    hilmeijer - 2014-05-23

    Getting the data is important, we know, all data is stored after computation.
    Suppose your system is "SYSTEMX" and you have computed a curve called "curve". Then, assuming the MATCONT folder is your matlab working directory, you can type at the command prompt: load Systems/SYSTEMX/diagram/curve.mat
    You will now have variables x,v,h,s,f in your Workspace that contain the continuationdata.
    The manual specifies what the fields x,v,h,f,s mean depending on equilibria, cycles or connecting orbits.


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