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MP software in Java and C

Seems like interesting software!

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2001-09-27

See Guimauve for GUI!

It would seem like a very good client we put together for Matching Pursuit purposes.

Here, we are going to concentrate on more "algorithmic" design issues. At least, that's what I plan to do. Unfortunately, I also have another exciting research project right now, and I just moved to Nova Scotia (see where I am a math. professor. Don't worry though, this project will live!

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2001-09-14

New web site and new algorithm!

We now have a new web site and new source code will soon be available
with a brand-new (much improved) algorithmic design!

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2001-04-17

wav sound support thanks to James!

James is providing us with wav sound support.

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2001-04-03

Documentation was added!

See doc manager for some useful notes.

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2001-03-28