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Mason-CM / News: Recent posts

Mason 1.4 is coming soon!

I'm on the way to release Mason 1.4 by middle of March. The main addition will be that the files do have the real owner and not anymore the user of the web server! But also many other things were optimized and some bugs were fixed.

But now I will have my holidays ;-)

Regards chauser

Posted by Christian Hauser 2007-02-10

Need a real Database driven CMS/WCM?

If you need a real database driven CMS/WCM, we recommend you to have a try on the great content management system Bricolage.


Posted by Christian Hauser 2006-04-03

Important Fixes on the Release 1.3.*

After a pause of nearly 3 years, finally the most important fixes were done!

Nevertheless we were using it since then on a daily basis.

If you want to manage web content without a DB. Mason and Mason-CM might be your choice.

Posted by Christian Hauser 2006-04-03

User of 1.1 should upgrade to 1.2

For those who realized that the search interface does not exists, as it not has been added to the package, it's recomended to download again mason-cm-1.1.1.tar.gz or even better mason-cm-1.2.tar.gz.

Posted by Christian Hauser 2003-08-23

Now slick by using the latest Mason version

After the major release in March, I was asked to update the code for the latest version (1.20) of the Mason delivery engine.

It was not so hard to clean up the code, mainly the new caching implementation needed some attention. But while doing so, I tested all functions. I discovered a few little bugs and irregularities - and of course corrected them. This makes Mason-CM behave simply slick :-)

That's why I consider this as a stable release (1.1). The only thing really missing is a stress test with many concurrent users. But this await the real case. I use it on single fast Linux box where many sites and projects run at the same time. The twenty remote users of Mason-CM never complied about performance.... read more

Posted by Christian Hauser 2003-05-27

Mason-CM Got a New Dress

A year ago we discussed on 'mason-cm-user' what should be enhanced on Mason-CM. Yeah, and as we use Mason-CM to manage many sites in parallel we, and mainly I decided to do some changes. After a few little changes, mainly on HTML and DHTML, I freaked out and started the whole thing from zero.

I put a proper Mason framework, using autohandler and dhandler, in place. I could very well reuse all the existing methods, which fit well in the optimized method, view and controller schema. Still, sometimes views and controllers are really the same. ... read more

Posted by Christian Hauser 2003-03-31

Mason-CM Project Setup Complete!

The initial setup of the Mason-CM project on SourceForge has been completed. Our next step is to start basic bug fixes and patches towards a 0.5 release.

Posted by Jaron J. Rubenstein 2000-10-05