Mars Simulation Project v. 2.74 Released

Version 2.74 of the Mars Simulation Project has been released.

New features include:

Medical system for settlers. (Barry Evans)

Settlers can die from accidents/illnesses.

General unit inventory system.

Malfunction/maintenance/repair system for settlements, vehicles and equipment.

EVA operations using EVA suits and airlocks.

mprovements to Monitor tool including custom tabs. (Barry Evans)

Charts/graphs, updated in real time, available in Monitor tool. (Barry Evans)

Simulation properties can be set by menu when starting a new simulation. (Jani Patokallio)

Updated package structure for Java classes.

8xZoom feature in Mars Navigator tool working again.

Lots of bug fixes.

Download and enjoy,

Scott Davis
Mars Simulation Project

Posted by Scott Davis 2002-05-22

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