#10 M.A.R.S. won't build under OS X


It somehow does not recognize fribidi, but it is being detected by cmake.


  • Mars-Core-Team

    Mars-Core-Team - 2011-01-27

    To be honest, we can't "officially" support MACOSX, since we don't have a machine to test it. But as far as I can tell, you're already quite far. Some how cmake finds the fribidi library but not its headers. Have you put the fribidi headers (located in the directory ext_libs_for_windows/fribidi/include) in a search path of your compiler?

  • Krzysztof Socha

    Krzysztof Socha - 2011-01-27

    Erm, please forgive me, but... how do I do that? :x

  • Mars-Core-Team

    Mars-Core-Team - 2011-01-28

    Well... in the directory of M.A.R.S.' source code there is a folder called ext_libs_for_windows, in there is a folder fribidi/include with a lot of headers. These have to be in /usr/include/fribidi/ .
    Hope this helps... have no clue about Mac's^^

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I already have those from MacPorts in /opt/local/include/ and I think it already gets included to the search path. Well, gonna try to link these headeres to /usr/include/.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Well, I've compiled the game successfully, but when I launch the app it exists with:

    --> ./mars
    Searching for configuration file... Found nothing. Will create a new one.
    Searching for data files... Found nothing. Aborting.

    I suppose that data/ directory isn't being copied to .app container.

  • Mars-Core-Team

    Mars-Core-Team - 2011-01-28

    well... can you do this manually? M.A.R.S. will search for the folder "data" next to the executable. For OSX there are no other search paths defined... if you have a slight knowledge on programming it would be great, if you could implement this...
    all the search-stuff is done in src/system/setting.cpp in the load() function (around line 190)...
    or you may fix the copy issue... this is done with the cmake-script src/CMakeLists.txt..

    Greetings, Simon.

  • Krzysztof Socha

    Krzysztof Socha - 2011-01-28

    Weee, it works! With my nearly-zero C++ experience I'm providing a patch, but I'm not sure if using relative path is correct.


    Thanks for your help ;-)

  • Mars-Core-Team

    Mars-Core-Team - 2011-01-29

    Yeeha! Congratulations! I pushed your patch to SVN!
    Is it working entirely? Some weeks ago there were some issues with SFML2... strange full screen mode, an offset of, well, 10px when clicking with the mouse, no shaders and so on... ?
    Would it be possible for you to provide a pre-compiled package for the next release, or is this to complicated? I'm just asking, because it was great to have MacOSX support, but for Felix and me that's impossible...


  • Mars-Core-Team

    Mars-Core-Team - 2011-01-29
    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Krzysztof Socha

    Krzysztof Socha - 2011-01-29

    Mh. Actually, you are correct, full screen mode is not really full (but I assume it's how the game should look like :p) [1] and I'm not able to turn shaders on, but everything else works. Also, according to otool, the game requires fribidi shared library, which is not bundled with OS X. Users would be required to use MacPorts and fixing this goes beyond my knowledge, I can just point you to include static version of fribidi to mac binary.

    When you achieve to fix it, I'll be glad to be your osx builder :>

    [1] - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1324224/mars_fullscreen.png

  • Krzysztof Socha

    Krzysztof Socha - 2011-01-30

    I discovered another bug: keys like ctrl, shift, option, backspace do not work. I can't bind them, nor use them in text fields.

  • Mars-Core-Team

    Mars-Core-Team - 2011-01-31

    Well.. they work on linux and windows, so it's due to the very basic sfml2 port... hopefully they'll will work in a future release of sfml2...


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