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We're all going on a - summer holiday

Off to Kosovo until nearer the end of July, so Marlin is asleep until I get back.

Good news: Marlin isn't dead, its just sleeping
Bad news: There's some major GStreamer changes going to land in a few days, which I'm putting money on them breaking Marlin, and no-one will be around to fix them. Sorry....

Posted by Iain 2003-07-01

After 1 year, Marlin 0.1 has been released

Marlin 0.1 is now ready for download.
Time for a celebration.

Posted by Iain 2003-06-02

Ohhhh innit pretty?

Marlin starts off May with a brand new website.
I nicked the design from
But it looks pretty and has all the info you'll need to use Marlin.
Thats one more item off the list for a 0.1 release

Posted by Iain 2003-05-03

Sample editor!!!

Marlin is now a sample editor, rather than a sample viewer/recorder/player/whathaveyou.

It can now DELETE out of samples.

Posted by Iain 2003-01-26

Marlin Now Supports Very Large Files

As of a few days ago, Marlin supports very large files with using very little RAM.

The data for the sample was always held on disk, but the peak data was always in memory. The peak data has been moved onto disk as well, which means Marlin is able to load large files.

My tests on a 78meg mp3 show that physical RAM marlin needs is about 20 meg, the space on disk needed is about 1500meg though. Dunno how this compares to other programs. All I can test is Sweep which doesn't appear to store anything on disk and so dies while trying to load the sample.

Posted by Iain 2003-01-10

Marlin can RECORD!!!

Wooo, marlin can record, oh baby.

Posted by Iain 2002-12-01

On holiday

From the 29th June till the 22nd July, I'll be on holiday, so just because there's no commits during that period, it don't mean the project is dead, just that I don't have a computer to write any code on.

Posted by Iain 2002-06-26


Marlin starts displaying sample files, lead developer finds out how to post a new item.

Posted by Iain 2002-06-14