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Autoconf/make support added to Marlais

Dylan Adams has added an autoconf and automake system to build Marlais on various platforms better. His version of Marlais is at and will be integrated into this source tree for a new release this week.

Posted by Douglas Michael Auclair 2001-09-11

First go at Common-Dylan: released 0.6.4-io-beta

I've reformatted init.dylan a bit and have created a common-dylan.dylan file (residing in $MARLAIS_LIB_DIR) that loads the common-dylan spec. Right know it loads up a pretty complete IO "library" (Libraries are not yet implemented on Marlais, but this is pretty close, anyway). This is the direction we'll be taking Marlais: Common-Dylan and DRM compliance.

Posted by Douglas Michael Auclair 2001-08-30

Mac OS-X port

Jaime E. Vargas has ported Marlais to Mac OS-X ... only minor tweeks in some files needed, but this indicates a need for a configure file. Great job by Jaime!

Posted by Douglas Michael Auclair 2001-08-28

Release 0.6.4 -- DEFINE-CONSTANT fix

This is a small-step-forward release.

It brings the top-level bound values into full working order by ensuring constant names are not bound (very confusing when that happens). This release also removes some more dead code from syntax.c and print.c concerning the no-longer-used classic syntax and some factored out code for defining methods.

Posted by Douglas Michael Auclair 2001-08-25

Release 0.6.3

Yes! A new release the day after 0.6.2 -- this release (0.6.3) has some great new features that demanded a hot-off-the-presses package:

* bug-fix for string and list concatenate (that I introduced in 0.6.2) that causes problems with format and friends.

* a slicker way of handling files -- no banner and immediate exit -- this allows for, among other things, CGI programming using marlais. WIN!... read more

Posted by Douglas Michael Auclair 2001-08-23

Release 0.6.2

This release includes a better top-level binding of multiple return values and a closer conformance to the DRM (still quite a way to go). Of note: the sources no longer include the Boehm garbage collector; read the README to find out which one and how to obtain a copy.

Posted by Douglas Michael Auclair 2001-08-22

Our First Release: 0.6.1

The Marlais Hackers are pleased to announce their first release (a continuation of Dr. Joe Wilson's work) of Marlais: a cross-platform interpreter for Dylan.

This beta release, version 0.6.1., has added support for top-level enumerated constant bindings of returned values (provided for by Andreas Bogk), the latest Boehm garbage collector (provided for by Doug Auclair), and some improvements to Marlais Dylan.... read more

Posted by Douglas Michael Auclair 2001-07-06

Open for Business

Dr. Wilson, the previous maintainer/developer of Marlais, has given the green light for a sourceforge project to bring Marlais up to speed. Let the coding begin!

Posted by Douglas Michael Auclair 2001-06-26

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