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May 2005 -- update

It's been two years since my last news update, and we're progressed quite a bit.
On and off, but more recently, we've seen a lot of discussion of generic Ethernet support within Marinetti, as well as the rather controversial ARP, such as which layer it should be in, and whose responsibility it should be. Other developer issues include continued bug investigation, a new debugging data dumper application, and the release of more of my code to MOSP.
On the third party application side, several utilities have been released for pinging and sending mail, but the most significant is the release of Silver Platter, a web server NDA for the Apple IIgs.
Resource wise, Andrew continues his never wavering dedication to MOSP, but pestering me about code and documentation every second week, and Geoff and several more recent transient additions to the MOSP team are still nutting out how to shoehorn more capability into the stack.
Finally, looking to the future, for five years now we've had a complete lack of any emulator support for Marinetti, and that is the most significant issue holding back development at this point. So if you're thinking of getting involved with MOSP, then please talk to us about pushing the emulator developers on this.
Until the next update, enjoy 3.0.

Posted by Richard Bennett 2005-05-04

April 2003 update

Well, things have been moving slowly, as per usual, but shit is still getting done. Andrew's still been pushing me to release code, which has resulted in the MacIP object and source code finally being released. Tony even did a write up in Juiced GS magazine, which was cool, but fairly apolotical. ;-)

Coming soon is the SLIP and Direct Connect source code, and a bunch of other core source files.

I've also found the TCP pointer to buffer overflow bug, but still not having a working system, have been unable to test the fix.... read more

Posted by Richard Bennett 2003-04-17

Aug 2002 update

Things have been a little stagnant recently, however, Florence, my Apple IIgs emulator for Java was announced at KFest 2002, which was taking up most of my time. Andrew's gone back to work as well, which means limited time for both of us. Hopefully things will pick in the next few months, once Florence is a bit more usable, and Andrew has settled in a bit with his new job. As always, let us know if you can help out, help out, help out, help out...

Posted by Richard Bennett 2002-08-09

Feb 2002 update

Just a brief update on how the project is going. For the past few months, Andrew Roughan has stepped up and pretty much project managed MOSP. Several bugs have been caught and fixed, and many more source files have been released as LGPL. He's even managed to get me working on stuff again, not an easy feat. While there are STILL only the three of us (Andrew, Tony, Richard) actively working on it, things are improving almost be the day. As always, if you can help out *and* you have the time, drop us a line!

Posted by Richard Bennett 2002-02-23

Support for v1 and v2 link layer modules

Marinetti 2.1a3 now supports both version 1 and version 2 link layer modules.

Posted by Richard Bennett 2000-12-17

LANceGS installed and operational

I've installed the LANceGS, and it seems to work fine on the network. The LANceGS test suite works fine, and ethernet and IP packets are being sent across the network. However, ARP is not working yet, and nobody on my LAN seems to want to accept any of the broadcasts.

Posted by Richard Bennett 2000-12-17

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