A (relatively) new module was imported into /cvsroot/marf/resources/stockbroker,
which was developed as a part of the Distributed Systems course to support
some minimal stock broker operations over Java RMI, CORBA, and Web Services
along with some extra stuff. It was developed together with the Distributed
MARF and relies on some of DMARF's components. The module was imported
to server as an example. DMARF itself is to be imported rather soon
(theoretically within this week). There is no plans to release the stockbroker
applications module at this point, it is to be checked out from the CVS
for the curious.

  cvs -z3 -d:<YOUR AUTHENTICATION>@marf.cvs.sf.net:/cvsroot/marf/resources/stockbroker co .

where <YOUR AUTHENTICATION> is either anonymous (pserver:anonymous) or
for the registered developers it is ext:<DEVELOPER's USERNAME>.