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Error I don't understand

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    So I've used MARF to make my own speaker identification app. Most of the time when i run MARF.recognize() (after i have set the sample file) it works perfectly. But sometimes it throws a MARFException and I get this error that i don't understand:

            at marf.Storage.Loaders.WAVLoader.loadSample(Unknown Source)
            at marf.Storage.SampleLoader.loadSample(Unknown Source)
            at marf.MARF.startRecognitionPipeline(Unknown Source)
            at marf.MARF.recognize(Unknown Source)

    I don't know what's happening! Can you help?!?!

    • Serguei A. Mokhov


      The error message is indeed not very helpful. The newer code has
      improved error reporting and bugs in error reporting, but it seems
      you are running the older version. The current code in the CVS
      has a better reporting than this.

      Anyways, in order for me to help you, you have to help me first,
      by providing some more information. The error above is triggered
      when a WAVLoader for some reason cannot read the .wav file. There
      could  be multiple causes for it -- file permissions, file name
      misspelled, location is wrong, corrupt file, etc.

      First, I'd need to know the version of MARF you are running. On the
      command line (in the directory where your marf*.jar is):

      java -jar marf.jar --diagnostic

      and paste the result here or email it to me (
      If you marf.jar does not support the --diagnostic option (it means
      quite old) then, please run it with:

      java -jar marf.jar --version --verbose

      Next, please enable in your application MARF's debug flag prior running
      MARF.recognize() by:


      And run your experiments again to see if you get any new
      debug info that can help.

      I will be in the process of releasing perhaps another CVS shapshot
      soon, but I have prepared a pre-compiled CVS checkout in a form
      of .jar file, so if you could give it a try with your application,
      and see if you get anything better in terms of the error reported
      or bug fixed. For now you can find it here:

      Please post your progress, negative or positive.



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      still it is getting same error
      plz....... help me

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      when i modify speakers.txt, add new samples in training,testing folders and executed retrain batch file.
      Then i got 100% result but training-samples voices are different for the testing-samples.
      It is not giving unknown speaker.
      What's going on there.
      Plz.............. help me

  • Frankie Pinewaves

    pls, I'm having exactly the same error. I need to know how to get out of this, pls. thanks! I'm using 2006 marf version.

  • Frankie Pinewaves

    ok, problem solved. TargetDataLine was still open while I was trying to loadSample. thanks guys!


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