Speaker identification application in eclipse

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I tried to run speaker identification application in eclipse, though speakers.txt file is in the current directory, I got the following errors

    Error opening speaker DB: "speakers.txt": speakers.txt (The system cannot find the file specified).
    Error opening speaker DB: "speakers.txt": speakers.txt (The system cannot find the file specified).
        at su.unibremen.de.SpeakersIdentDb.connect(SpeakersIdentDb.java:182)
        at su.unibremen.de.SpeakerIdentApp.main(SpeakerIdentApp.java:235)
    SpeakersIdentDb.close() - not connected
        at su.unibremen.de.SpeakersIdentDb.close(SpeakersIdentDb.java:286)
        at su.unibremen.de.SpeakerIdentApp.main(SpeakerIdentApp.java:519)

    It is notable that, I am using the framework marf-debug-0.3.0-devel-20060226.jar and the application SpeakerIdentApp-bundle-0.3.0-devel-20060226.tar.gz, and windows operating system.

    Is it possible to run marf in eclipse IDE under windows.


    • Serguei A. Mokhov


      It's certainly possible to work with and run SpeakerIdentApp in Eclipse. In fact I am using Eclipse myself. The reason it cannot find the speakers.txt, which is by default is tied up to the "current directory" of the application, is not the current directory from the POV of Eclipse. In command line, it is the same directory where the application is, but in Eclipse it is usually under the workspace/<Your Application Name Project in Eclipse>, for example if I run SpeakerIdentApp in Windows, my default directory looks like:

      C:\Documents and Settings\user\...\workspace\MARF - SpeakerIdentApp\

      which is not the actual location of the application code, which is somewhere else,
      like C:\marf\apps\SpeakerIdentApp.

      So in Eclipse, before you Run:

      In the Run->Open Run Dialog->(x)= Arguments

      at the bottom, you will find "Working directory:", select "Other"
      and point to your actual application folder. It should find the file

      (BTW, this procedure is not dependent on Windows or any other OS platform, just the Eclipse itself)



  • Nobody/Anonymous


    can you point me out how can i run SpeakerIdentApp in eclipse in windows.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello ,

    i need a good tutorial  to run speakerLdentApp in eclipse in Ubuntu could any one help me .


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