Why 8khz, 16 bit, mono

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi Sir, I would like to find out why did you choose 8khz, 16 bit mono?

    • StretchTiberius

      StretchTiberius - 2008-08-26

      The only reason I am using 8khz 16 bit mono wave files is because that is what MARFs defaults are. I'm not sure what the ideal settings would be for this sort of thing. Any ideas? As soon as I get a hold of a more current version of MARF I will at least switch to a higher sample rate.  What is the link to the most current MARF jar?

      • Serguei A. Mokhov

        > What is the link to the most current MARF jar?

        StretchTiberius, please try the .jar at here:


        Per my earlier reply to your another post, I will need
        to release a newer snapshot of MARF officially through
        FRS to get all the changes in. The current CVS copy
        and the above compiled .jar allows you setting other
        sample parameters.

        One can also try the "unrestricted" WAV loader
        plug-in found here, if there is some desire to it:


        Let me know of your progress.


    • Serguei A. Mokhov

      Per my earlier personal reply to your email on that question:

      > 1. Why did you use 8kHz, 16 bit, mono wav file?

      This roughly corresponds to the phone-line quality
      (e.g. processing a bulk of phone recordings). This
      setting is configurable. If you do well in 8kHz,
      you bound to do well in higher sampling frequencies.
      Stereo is not really useful in our task -- i.e. it does
      not add more to the accuracy, but only makes the
      files twice as large.


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