dental floss
Benjamin has been plugging memleaks all over, which is great. Interested in what the FSF has to answer to our questions. George has been getting really good at the bike riding thing lately.
I don't think he calls up any band and says, 'Let's work together. We just like to write what we see and see what your opinion is, and what you think of what we're seeing.
Also, the music wasn't tango music, but Spanish popular music.
The flight out to California happened to fall on my 32nd birthday. You must be thrilled that your debut is about to hit stores.
This blog has been around for quite some time, and I've held off switching it over for a long time now.
It hung out in our son's room for a couple of years, and then we moved.
You're young, but as you grow up you have to evolve and you have to make a change. So I took pity on him and took him in. I haven't touched anything. Now he comes back with a cryptic 3-hour long film, Inland Empire starring Laura Dern.