neil prockter - 2000-06-23


I'm having trouble whilst copying marc fields between records
I'm doing the following for a bunch of records to create a new lot with only 650 and 999 fields (I'll be adding others later)

%fields_to_copy = ( '650' => '650', '866' => '999');

for $src_field (keys %fields_to_copy) {
    $dest_field = $fields_to_copy{$src_field};
    print "Copying $src_field to $dest_field\n";
    $src_field = {field=>$src_field,record=>1,ordered=>'y'};
    $dest_field = {field=>$dest_field,record=>$marc_out_record_num,ordered=>'y'};
    my @data = $marc_in->getupdate($src_field);
    $marc_out->addfield($dest_field, @data);

however when I save them out as usmarc the indicators have disappeared there not there at all

printing out @data as I go it shows i1 0 i2 0 etc but they are missing from the outputted records


Neil Prockter