Marathon is available now

It gives us pleasure to announce the release of next version of Marathon.

The following are the changes in Marathon.

* Added: Support for abort, fail, fail-close, ignore-close to WindowHandler 
* Fixed: invalid conversion of rows/cols for table and tablecell 
* Added: WindowHandler to handle exception windows (usually thrown in the EDT). Options are to ignore, fail the test. 
* Fixed: CSVReader for Python (reads numbers/strings properly now). 
* Fixed: performance on huge tables when using default component-info. 
* Modified: to use jython/jruby standalone/complete jars instead of 
regular distributions. 
* Recording/Replaying using link/text for JEditorPane implemented. 
* Added support for reusing fixtures. 
*, - ignoring empty spaces as module directories while processing MPF 
 * - validating Module Directory name while creating new Module Directory. 
* Fixed: renamed Fixture_properties to fixture_properties to avoid warning 
* Fixed: NPE in DnDAction. 
* Fixed: When invocationTargetException is thrown throwing back the targetted exception. 
* Added a Retry for the setText to wait for the selected row to be rendered. 
* Fixed: Removed call to rewind 
* Fixed: Added bigger timeout if destroyRuntime is called while a shutdown is in progress. 
* Fixed calculation of the click point on table header items. 
* Fixed: Generate error when setup fails due to window is not opened, class not found etc. errors 
* Fixed: marathon.home set to the absolute path of the installation 
* Fixed UTs failing due to change in default omap configuration. 
* Fixed: No scrollpane for selected tests in suite editor. 
* Fixed: MarathonJava#frame sets the toplevel window only if one is not 
Posted by Dakshinamurthy Karra 2013-11-26

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