#78 Chapter Screens Don't Show

MacOS (155)

After the first one, none of the chapter screens are displayed. Instead,
you get the sound for it and the "distorted" image of the teleporting-
out from the previous level left on the screen.

I've only played A1/OS X/Carbon so I have no idea if this happens
anywhere else.


  • Jeremy Parsons

    Jeremy Parsons - 2003-06-01

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    I was just looking into this. This only affects between level
    chapter screens and only glitches when OpenGL is active.

    Neither the screen fades, nor the display or scrolling of the
    chapter screen appear, although any sounds and corresponding
    delays in waiting to go to the next level do occur.

  • Jeremy Parsons

    Jeremy Parsons - 2003-06-01
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  • Jeremy Parsons

    Jeremy Parsons - 2003-06-02
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  • Jeremy Parsons

    Jeremy Parsons - 2003-06-02

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    After some trial and error and sorting things out I found
    a spot in transfer_to_new_level() where A1 really wants
    Quickdraw drawing operations instead of OpenGL
    (Intra level movies and chapter screens)

    So I added a mac only check for OpenGL to that spot
    and call exit_screen() to turn it off. (enter_screen()
    will be called subsequently within start_game() when
    it's called to start on the next level.)

    Yes, the code doesn't balance calls to
    start_game/finish_game and hence it doesn't balance
    calls to enter_screen/exit_screen.


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