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Mapix 1.0.0alpha1 released !

Mapix is a framework and a CMS that aims to use only XML standards to develop dynamic websites.

Warning : This release is for testing purpose only, demo and admin site DON'T work, download this version only to have a preview of the new framework mechanism.

This release brings a new framework based on XRT (XML Request Transform). In short, XRT is XSL extended (using eXSLT) to transform HTTP requests into HTTP responses. You can find more information on XRT in the project Xsltpages : (I found Xsltpages while I was looking how to use XSL to transform HTTP requests, so that was a great source of inspiration, thank you guys...)... read more

Posted by IRCF 2011-02-21

Mapix CMS 0.9.3 released

Mapix CMS is a XML-based framework and CMS, written in PHP and using XML standards such as XSL, XForms, RSS, XML Schemas, SVG...

This release adds the following features :

- An new online SVG Editor
- A package manager to upgrade/install/uninstall features
- Save and restore files versions
- Lock and unlock files
- Extract ZIP files
- Multiple pipeline (maps)
- Advanced caching (content and template caching)
- An online documentation package
- An improved photo Gallery using lightbox... read more

Posted by IRCF 2009-01-06

Mapix CMS 0.8.1 released

Mapix CMS is a simple content management system based on XML and XML standards (XSL, XForms, XML Schemas...), no database is needed.

This release brings the following features :

- Multiple users and groups, permissions management
- Localization, multiple languages : English and French support
- User authentification using OpenID (experimental)
- An image gallery module

The online XML Editor has also been highly debugged and improved.... read more

Posted by IRCF 2008-06-01

Mapix CMS 0.7.5 released

Mapix CMS is a full XML content manager system, based on XML standards (XSL, XSD, XForms, RSS...) and written in PHP.

This release adds many standard XML schemas (HTML, RSS, XSL, XSD, XForms...) to create compliant XML documents directly with the online XML editor.

The XML editor has also been improved to be faster and more easy to use.

Many efforts have been done trying to make Mapix PHP4 compatible, but I could not test this myself... Any feed back on this would be appreciated. I will try to downgrade my PHP install to test the PHP4 compatibility feature for the next release.... read more

Posted by IRCF 2008-04-13

Mapix CMS 0.7.4 bug fix

Mapix CMS is a simple and light content management system 100% based on XML documents, no database is needed.

The first 0.7.4 released contained a bug in the cache function that made cached files blanks and threw an error message in the news page, like those on

I suppose this discouraged people from downloading Mapix CMS because there was no download since this bug !... read more

Posted by IRCF 2008-01-17

Mapix CMS 0.7.4 released

Mapix CMS is a simple and light content management system 100% based on XML documents, no database is needed.

This release provides a full featured online XML editor : open, read and write any XML document in a friendly web form.

Simple document types are provided : menu and content.

The next release will provide a forum, a photo gallery and also a users file, to handle multiple users to connect to the back-office with different rights.... read more

Posted by IRCF 2008-01-16

Mapix CMS 0.6.5 released : a simple XML based CMS

Mapix CMS is based on XML documents : XSL templates, XML Schemas to define document types, RSS feeds, Google sitemaps...

This release provides a nearly fully functional XML document editor in read and write mode (a little job remains to enable the "add node" functionality).

Javascript and ajax features have been added in the back office for it to be nearer from a desktop interface and easier to use : contextual menus, multiple asynchronous upload, drag and drop folders and files in the folder editor, drag and drop xml nodes in the xml editor...... read more

Posted by IRCF 2008-01-12

Mapix CMS 0.6 in progress

Mapix CMS is a new, lite and full XML CMS. The back office itself is handled by Mapix CMS : Mapix CMS is the first meta-CMS !

Mapix CMS actual version (0.5.5) is functional but does not provide an interface for "non-coders" : XML contents and the XML sitemap (mapix.xml) can only be edited using an online text editor. This requires to know how XML works and the defined XML schemas. (such as mapix.xsd or content.xsd)... read more

Posted by IRCF 2007-12-09

Mapix CMS 0.5.5 released

Mapix CMS is a simple and light CMS based on XML standards : XML content, XSL templates, XML Schemas, RSS, Google sitemaps...No database is needed.

This new version improves the navigation through folders and files.

Images are now displayed as thumbnails and can be edited via an image editor with drag and drop functionalities such as resize, crop and rotate.

Mapix CMS back-office is now compatible with Internet Explorer.... read more

Posted by IRCF 2007-11-10

Mapix CMS online demo now available !

Discover Mapix CMS, a simple CMS based on XML standards such as XSL and XSD and implemented in PHP.

Visit and test Mapix CMS front and back office. The demo site is automatically reinitialized every hour.

Mapix CMS official website is also available at, but its content is still under construction.

For any question or idea concerning this CMS, you can contact us at read more

Posted by IRCF 2007-10-17

Mapix CMS 0.4.4 released : security fixes and a new skin

Mapix previous versions didn't really deal with security issues concerning session identification or direct access to xml resources.

This version allows you to use Mapix for production purpose with less risk for your website to be hacked.

We have also changed the design and added some minor functionalities.

Unfortunately, the XML editor isn't yet available in write mode, but it will certainly be for the next release !... read more

Posted by IRCF 2007-10-06

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