#6 marking thumbnails in contact sheet view


it would help very much to be able to mark thumbnails with a small easy to see color bar (user defineable) at the bottom of the thumbnail slide area to indicate photos that are of more interest (best) so they can be found quickly.

perhaps pressing the number 1 on the keyboard can be keystroke to mark the thumbnail. 0 would be to clear the color mark.

T could be used to tag the thumbnail by locking the file. This is what DSLR cameras do when you mark a file in the camera. It locks the file. So it would be great if Mapivi could read locked files on import and realize those where photos the photographer marked using the camera means those are important photos that should be marked so it's quickly found.

Also it would be very very useful if there was a way to just show photos that have the color mark or the lock tag or both or neither.

Doing so makes if very quick to find photos or exclude photos so you can work very quickly on tight deadlines.


  • Martin Herrmann

    Martin Herrmann - 2008-01-31
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  • Martin Herrmann

    Martin Herrmann - 2008-01-31

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    I see two feature requests here:
    1) enable marking of pictures in the Mapivi GUI for further processing
    2) special processing and marking of pictures which have been locked in the digital camera

    For 1):
    There are already several mechanisms available: You may e.g. add a special keyword to the selected pictures or you give them a high ranking. For adding a specific keyword simple open the keyword window (Ctrl-k), selected all pictures you want to mark and double click on the keyword. The advantage of this approach is that you are able to have several different keywords e.g. to mark pictures to print or to process or to email.
    When you use the ranking you have 8 different numbers and you can assign them with one keystroke: Ctrl-F1 ... Ctrl-F8.
    After marking you can sort the pictures by ranking (Menu: Sort->IPTC urgency/rating).
    So I consider this part as closed.

    For 2):
    The idea is nice, but I don't know how to get the information if a file is locked or not.
    Please check with you camera if either the file attributes (write access) or the EXIF data differ between locked and unlocked pictures.
    If there is a difference Mapivi could react by e.g. setting a high rating to those pictures.
    Please contact me by email.



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  • SourceForge Robot

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  • Martin Herrmann

    Martin Herrmann - 2008-02-16

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    I checked feature 2) "special processing and marking of pictures which have been locked in
    the digital camera" with a Nikon D70. Locked pictures can be detected as write protected files during import. So I added a new feature to Mapivi which allows to add a rating (IPTC urgency) to locked pictures during import.
    This feature is available with Mapivi V0.96.



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