Community MapBuilder Version 1.0 RELEASE
It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of
Community MapBuilder Version 1.0.

This release represents:
* Almost 2 years of software development effort
* A team of over a dozen developers, spanning 4 continents
* The development of a userbase spanning 6 continents
* Implementation of a host of web mapping standards, including
  WMS, WFS, and GML, all over a standards-compliant infrastructure
And finally...
* The first, largest, and most powerful AJAX-based web mapping
library on the planet

Congratulations are in order to the entire Community MapBuilder
development team and, of course, their diverse and
innovative userbase.

Attached is the current status of all MapBuilder issues.
Bugs fixed:
MAP-68  IE: MapPane refreshing layers
MAP-73   js error passing bbox in via URL (was bug 1391168 on Sourceforge - resubmitted here)
MAP-60   Demis demo - AOIForm.xsl error
MAP-104  WFS-T demo errors
MAP-103  update config schema to 1.0
MAP-102  thisWidget is null in contextEditor search form
MAP-99   localName is not supported by IE
MAP-72   cgiArgs bbox is broken
MAP-44   hide layer not working in IE Submitted: camerons SF-1364550
MAP-98   Time Series demo zoom in should reset the movie loop
MAP-97   support WMS 1.0 in WmsCapabilities model
MAP-77   simple/basic demos
MAP-62   config text stylesheet should override widgetText file values
MAP-61   clarify NASA time series loading
MAP-54   CSS Buttons Submitted By: Mike Adair SF - 1195495
MAP-48   show busy signal Submitted: Steven M Ottens SF - 1322587
MAP-41   MapPane HTML 4.01 and XHTML compatibility Submitted: sgillies SF-1294608
MAP-18   js error passing bbox in via URL submitted: davidherbert2 SF-1391168
MAP-8   GetFeatureInfo fails against GeoServer WMS Submitted: kc7bfi SF-1400525
MAP-101  Proj.js attribution
MAP-78   demo contexts updates
MAP-74   Stop refreshing the UI controls!!!
MAP-64   incorrect aspect ratio in modisWorld context file
MAP-33   Gml point opacity - transparensity has changed Submitted: maiqui SF-1258381
MAP-30   Links in mapbuilder/index.html broker Submitted: camerons SF-1164770
MAP-28   query icon Submitted: tomkralidis SF-968519
Outstanding Issues (highest priority first):
MAP-105  Pixel Coord <--> LatLong translation only works for EPSG:4326 projections
MAP-95   Acceptance Tests
MAP-94   New GUI Widgets
MAP-93   User authenticates with the system in order to make modifications to the map features (Add/remove/delete)
MAP-92   Interface with OpenStreetMap project
MAP-91   Interface with Google Maps
MAP-90   Demis Maps
MAP-88   Map Feature Rendering: SLD
MAP-87   Map Feature Rendering: Satelite imagery
MAP-84   Gazetteer/GeoCoder
MAP-83   Map Feature Rendering: XML/GML
MAP-82   Map Annotation
MAP-81   Map Symbology
MAP-76   Invalid GetFeatureInfo URL - creates MapServer exception
MAP-70   add WSDL/SOAP support
MAP-19   IE problem: "Error: 'this.doc' is null or not an object Submitted: Cappelaere SF-1390868
MAP-9   Layer Control does not update when a new layer is loaded Submitted: Cappelaere SF-1393270
MAP-6   Problem with two WMS layers with the same name submitted: kc7bfi SF-1400521
MAP-2   Hardcoded reference to localhost will prevent remote machines from viewing Generated Content
MAP-100  A reload/refresh main map pane widget
MAP-96   The php server scripts use short tags, this breaks on servers that have disabled use of shortags
MAP-89   Moving Objects
MAP-86   Map Widgets: Scale Bar
MAP-85   Map Widgets: Distance
MAP-80   Map Data Repository
MAP-79   Build a Mapuilder Application from a web interface
MAP-75   Proxy and Serializer scripts should have proper PHP header tag
MAP-71   Duplicate GetFeatureInfo responses forced if mouse click occurs before previous query finished.
MAP-59   GetFeatureInfo URL generated for a second WMS in same context as first is repeated in the variable string.
MAP-56   Give visual marker to current active layer in legend Submitted By: Nedjo Rogers SF - 1157443
MAP-52   Add support for WKT data source. Submitted: Nedjo Rogers SF-1203287
MAP-50   Add SVG rendering of GML data Submitted: Nedjo Rogers
MAP-49   set properties by URL parameters Submitted: Mike Adair SF - 1257212
MAP-47   process multiple context documents in one page Submitted John Pulles SF- 1401526
MAP-43   duplicate layers mess up when deleting them Submitted: graphrisc SF-1361616
MAP-42   error initializing mapbuilder when used in drupal module Submitted: openwereld SF-1352137
MAP-40   GeoRSS divs not cleared on loadModel Submitted: nobody SF-1291065
MAP-39   Feature isn't deselected after it was deleted Submitted: camerons SF-1364103
MAP-38   Null gml:coordinate Point is rendered in top left of MapPane Submitted: Camerons SF-1351128
MAP-37   CSS error in Firefox 1.5beta causes layers not to load Submitted: camerons SF-1337858
MAP-36   Drag Pan Tool: Mouseup outside the map should be procesed Submitted: maiqui SF-1259486
MAP-35   use scalehints in context docs Submitted: madair1 SF-1174298
MAP-25   Move util.js into JS objects Submitted: camerons SF-1071242
MAP-24   Gazetteer widget auto zoom Submitted: nobody SF-1380974
MAP-23   PHP proxy strips attribute namespaces Submitted: madair1 SF-1386495
MAP-22   wfs-t java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError Submitted: mneteler SF-1383838
MAP-21   <widget> is not defined" javascript errors Submitted: openwereld SF-1386001
MAP-17   Line 96 Error firstChild is null or not an object Submitted: Cappelaere SF-1392108
MAP-16   Line 278 Object required Submitted: Cappelaere SF-1392112
MAP-15   Line 29 invalid argument Context Editor Submitted: Cappelaere SF-1392122
MAP-14   Update GeoRSS demo to new feed format Submitted: Cappelaere SF-1394556
MAP-13   FF 1.5 docStyle.css error Submitted: Cappelaere SF-1394569
MAP-12   wrong value for port in proxy.php Submitted: zjonp SF-1397656
MAP-7   Graphical Highlight of WFS Polygon is mangled Submitted: sjf_8 SF-1404143
MAP-57   Inconsistency in handling of aspect ratio for map viewer between bounding box and image size
MAP-55   Create hover-over popups when mouse hovers over a feature Submitted By: Cameron Shorter SF - 1173569
MAP-53   Mapbuilder and Geoserver to use the same demos Submitted by: Cameron Shorter SF - 1196838
MAP-51   set the locator map with an image Submitted Virginie Berre SF - 1220313
MAP-34   GmlRenderer complexity OUT OF CONTROL with zoomin Submitted: maiqui SF-1306834
MAP-32   Incorrect click position in WFS-T demo on IE Submitted: camerons SF-1193142
MAP-29   Coord string does not handle space char inside tuple Submitted camerons SF-1013754
MAP-27   Change Open GIS to Open Geospacial Submitted: camerons SF-1168180
MAP-26   Layers from geoserver periodically not returned Submitted: camerons SF-1357587