Yashartha Chaturvedi


MoC is a chromium based portable browser with collection of open source extensions meant for penetration testers, web application developers and security professionals etc.

MoC 0.3 Alpha release:

OWASP Mantra on Chromium - "Wind Wheel"

Team Mantra is pleased to announce the release of OWASP Mantra on Chromium - 0.3 Alpha, code named "Wind Wheel", featuring:

  • Latest chromium build
  • Handful of powerful extensions
  • Galley
  • Hackery and
  • Full support for English, Spanish and French languages

You can download them for free from our download page

Project Admins:

Screenshot thumbnail
MoC Alpha 0.3 running Crawler
Screenshot thumbnail
MoC Alpha 0.3 running in Windows 7
Screenshot thumbnail
MoC 0.3 Alpha running in Windows XP