Hi, guys

    I am very sorry for uploaded wrong codes and now I had already fixed the fault. Who can help me again?  Thanks!
//the following is the email I sent yesterday.

    I am developing a new plugin for mantis right now and I want to add it to the list of mantis plugins. Can you help me?

    Here is the basic info of my plugin:
    repository: https://github.com/aaronsh/MantisAcra.git
    plugin's name: MantisAcra
    plugin's description: The plugin collect ACRA crash reports from android devices and save the reports as issues in Mantis. Later, user can review the reports with all ACRA features, stack trace, logcat and so on. Note: ACRA is a great crash report tool for android.
    plugin status: It runs, but need more test and remove some duplicated files.
    owner list:

    Thanks and best regards!

    Sam Liu