A possible fix for this could be to increase what your managers can do (permissions) and change him to a manager.

On 10/11/06, Victor Boctor < vboctor@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Dave,

> I have two "administrators " associated with a project in MANTIS, and would like to
> delete one of them.  But it seems t
here is no option to remove an administrator from
> a project--you can remove any user that is not at the administrator level, but it doesn't
> look like you can remove an administrator from a project.  See the screenshot below--
> I am logged on as dvm_admin, but don't see how to delete the other administratore.
I've looked thru the manual, and this issue doesn't seem to be addressed.

You can't restrict the access rights of an administrator.  An administrator can always do any Mantis operation.  Hence, the administrator accounts should only be used to administer the system.  Day to day work by users should be done by normal accounts.  Hence, the Mantis adminstrator may end up having an admin account and a normal day to day account.


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