I think your answer is helpful. However, Is it possible to inform not all the MANAGERs but only one of the managers?

2008/12/13 Ivan De Masi <it-support@asta.tu-darmstadt.de>
Oguz Yilmaz schrieb:
> I have a project lets say "My Project". When someone opens a bug in the
> project "My Project", I want it by an email to assign come developer. Is
> it possible? It is important because when I forget to look at unassigned
> bugs, the customer is waiting.
> Best Regards
> Ošuz

Hello Oguz,

if I understood you, you want Mantis to inform you everytime a new bug
is opend, ok?

So, you can configure this in your "config.php" / e-Mail section, for
example like this:

$g_notify_flags['new']['threshold_min'] = DEVELOPER;
$g_notify_flags['new']['threshold_max'] = DEVELOPER;

See here for more details:


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