Hey everyone. I'm new here, first email to the group. I've released a patch for bug #5744 (http://bugs.mantisbt.org/view.php?id=5744):
0005744: Managing custom fields in the workflow

The patch implements code that allows the display/required property of each custom field to be set according to the current status of the bug. This patch contains code that modifies the schema, the Manage Custom Field page, the update/advanced bug pages, report/advanced bug pages, and other backend code as required.

There is one glaring thing missing here, which is to completely remove all references to the current "display_report", "require_closed", etc. I didn't want to do that until there was good upgrade code available. However, I'm not sure how to approach the upgrade process. I noticed some files in admin/Upgrades, but it seems like those just modify tables. For an actual upgrade to occur with this patch, the user would have to interactively indicate which Status is equivalent to the current "report","update", "resolved", "closed" fields.

Please provide input, and any direction on how to proceed to get this code into the codebase (hopefully by 1.0.4a??).


- ryan