We use the mantisbt for bugtracking and everything run nice. But we hit a problem trying to use UTF-8 for the use of french and other european languages. The problem is that even when setting

        $s_charset = 'utf-8';

in the lang/strings_french.txt file,

forms are still handled as ISO-8859-1.

So, a code's overview shows that the php's function htmlentities is used only with one single option, the first one. So, for a really internationalization of this software, we should change such call :

        echo '<option value="' .  htmlentities( $t_item )  . '" ';
        echo '<option value="' .  htmlentities( $t_item, ENT_COMPAT, 'utf-8'  )  . '" ';

or a way to

        echo '<option value="' .  htmlentities( $t_item, ENT_COMPAT, '$s_charset'  )  . '" '; ** I don't know about the good working of this last solution at all **

htmlentities handles by defaut (when it is not given as argument) characters as ISO-8859-1. This changes would be appreciated for all the next mantisbt versions as it would facilitate the use of a reverse proxy.

Thanks for your help and attention,

By the way, I don't know where to submit such changes on the web site :-(.
Maybe because I'm really new to use your software.

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