I’m giving up on AD support. I can’t figure it out.


If anyone has time to help, I’d appreciate it. AD integration was a big feature for us in going to Mantis.

Basically we wanted to set it up like this:

1.       All Domain Users are ‘Readers’

2.       All Domain Users that are added to the database are Reporters or Updaters


Maybe I’m just not understanding the format of these variables.


            $g_login_method = LDAP;

            $g_ldap_server = 'ldap://chp.local/';

            $g_ldap_root_dn = 'DC=chp,DC=local'; #OU=Unrestricted Users,OU=User OU,

            $g_ldap_uid_field = 'Name'; #sAMAccountName';

            $g_ldap_bind_dn = 'CN=Unrestricted Users,OU=User OU,DC=CHP,DC=LOCAL';

            $g_use_ldap_email = ON;


This is the container name that holds our users:

OU=Unrestricted Users,OU=User OU,DC=chp,DC=local






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Resending with a smaller attachment.




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(Ok 3rd question for the day, this should be my last)


I’ve read the section in the Manual about LDAP authentication, but am still fuzzy on it.


Has anyone written a How To on this?


Here is the section from my config_inc.php file:


            $g_login_method = 'LDAP';

            $g_ldap_server = 'ldap://swfdc01.chp.local/';

            $g_ldap_root_dn = 'OU=User OU,DC=CHP,DC=LOCAL';

            $g_ldap_uid_field = 'sAMAccountName';

            $g_ldap_bind_dn = 'CN=Unrestricted Users,OU=User OU,DC=CHP,DC=LOCAL';

            $g_use_ldap_email = OFF;


And a screen shot of the AD control panel (let me know if this doesn’t come through, I can email it directly if you’d like)



I have a user in Mantis, that I created with a User ID and PWD that matches my domain user account. (ie. Craimx1)


What else do I need to do to make this work? Do I need special LDAP extensions in PHP? In Apache?