before embarking on this, I thought it to be a good idea to get some additional thoughts, ideas around a mantis mod to support 'approvals' - and yes, this is more a 'use case description' than an actual spec :
- per project on/off
- a link, next to the 'send reminder' -> 'request approval'
- shows a list of individuals above a threshold as certain approvers, plus some blah, status gets updated accordingly
- add issue note 'approval requested' & blah
- the link in the message gets you to a  'approve or not' screen, status gets updated accordingly
- add issue note 'approval received or not' & blah
trickier things would be to implement that for certain categories (e.g. a change request), the an approval needs to be on the issue before it can enter e.g. an 'assigned' state
any thoughts, comments, recommendation to make this a more universal feature ?