Hi All,

I been working on a script that plugs into the platform's email system and allows users to reply to the bugnote updates. Their reply is added as a new bugnote and everyone is emailed and told about the issue update.

At the moment it works but it's a bit of a hatchet job as I've had to do a lot of the work myself.
I would like to clean it up and make it generally available.

I have a couple of questions that I would like a bit of help with.

1) Is there anything like this or that does this already? I suppose I should have asked this before I started, but hey!
2) Most of the APIs require a user name and password but when the email pops out of the email system I infer the user name from the email address so at that stage there is no password. Is there anyway to get around this?
3) Is there a call I can make to add a bugnote that handles all the extras of sending emails to all the other people registered on the issue?
4) Is there anyway of turning the email bugnote history up-side-down? When you are reading the bugnote email on a blackbery or mobile device you have to do _a_lot_ of scrolling before you get to the most recently added bugnote.

Many thanks,

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