Hello to everyone,
I'm trying to integrate Mantisbt and Subversion source control. I installed Mantis, Subversion, WebSVN, Source control Mantis plugin. I hope it is all the nedeed.

Versions are:

Mantis 1.2.8
WebSVN 2.3.3
Subversion 1.6.12
Source contro plugin 0.16
Php 5.3.8
Apache 2.2.21
Postgres 9.1

The system is a Debian Squeeze 64bit.

A the moment I have created a repository of type WebSVN by plugin, I have connected it with a subversion repository in the same server, I have imported the data, I have checked WebSVN functionality and I have created the first issue to testing the system.

I tried a single commit with this message in comment: "Fixes issue #1" (without quote)

When i tried to import new data from Subversion repository to Mantis repository, the reference to issue was correctly detected, but in issue details, in "Relate Changset" windows, i found this message:

Fixes issue <a href="/mantisbt/view.php?id=1" title="[assigned] Creare funzione di prova">0000001</a>.

It seems a malformed link to issue deltails page. Why did I find this error?

Moreover, the issue was not committed to resolved. Do Source control plugin cause auto commit of issues? Or do I need to do other to achieve this goal?

Thanks in advance.